1. They make San Francisco special!

    We can’t believe it’s already gone two weeks since we left for San Francisco. The trip has been absolutely amazing and we’ve learned so much! 

    Although Golden Gate bridge is a remarkable sight, Alcatraz an amazing story and Highway 1 the most beautiful drive we’ve ever taken - what really makes San Francisco beautiful is the people.

    During our stay in the city we had the privilege to meet and connect with a few people who not only were super nice but also gave us some great input on our product. They made our trip.

    We would like to take this chance to give a great Swedish shout-out to Daniel Ha, CEO of Disqus, who is simply this kick-ass no bullshit “go for the win” type of person. 

    Rasmus Andersson, a friend from Stockholm who we worked closely with when he was the UX lead at Spotify. He’s at Facebook now and took us on a tour to check out the biggest playground we’ve ever seen - their office… 

    Jeff Nolan, who not only invested in MySQL’s in it’s early days (which makes him cool in our book) but is also heading up the marketing for Get Satisfaction

    David Rusenko, the CEO of Weebly, who dropped the epic quote: ”No startups ever fail because they can’t find an office”. He continued to give us amazing insights on the challenges startups face during their initial stage. 

    Allan Grant, a really forthcoming and open person who has just started Curebit - a clever solution to distribute upsale campaigns through discounts. We really can’t wait to start working more closely with him!

    The french multi entrepreneur Micha Benoliel who was able to break down the ins and outs of Silicon Valley politics.

    Nicolai Wadström of Bootstrap Labs who was able to find 2 hours for us in his busy schedule during which we discussed the pros and cons of basing a company in Stockholm vs. San Francisco. 

    Then there is Gustaf Alströmer and Cristina Dennison: Two absolutely fantastic persons that we can’t possible fit in this blogpost - we owe them too much!  The way they took their time to share their days with us is more than we could ever ask for. They gave a sense of hospitality and generosity that creates the energy and lust to do really good things. To make it count.

    Thank you guys! Thanks to all of you!

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